Monday, 16 July 2012

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Tips on how to use the Biscuit and Sugarcraft Gun

Sugarcraft Gun

This information will be really helpful to everyone who has subscribed and received, or about to receive their biscuit and sugarcraft gun.
Once you have your biscuit and sugarcraft gun unpacked and washed, you can prepare your icing or cookie dough and start baking and decorating.

Step 1
Press in metal locking device (near the bottom of the cylindrical part of the cookie press)
while pulling up the top plunger button.
Step 2
Unscrew the bottom ring to insert the cookie dough into the cylinder part of the cookie press.
Step 3
Chose your cookie disc and insert it into ring. Screw the bottom ring back on tightly.
Step 4
Press the handle in until the piston shaft touches the cookie dough inside the cylinder. Holding your biscuit and sugarcraft gun upright and steady, place the cookie press against the baking tray or pan and squeeze the handle once. (You may need to do this twice, but once will normally be sufficient.)  Remove, and repeat as many times as required until you have filled up your tray, or used all your cookie dough.
Step 5
To use this as an icing gun, follow the same steps 1- 3, only using one of the decorating nozzles with the ring. To start icing, slowly press down the top plunger button, as this will push out the icing and you can start decorating. 
You can use this tool with different kinds of paste: sugar paste/rolled fondant icing, gum paste/flower paste and marzipan. 
A handy tip is to knead in a few drops of water and a small amount of white fat into your paste as it makes it more pliable and smooth when you press it through the disks.  Excellent for making hair, and grass effects!  If you dont want to use a colourless or white fat, just add a tiny amount of water to make the consistancy a little more pliable.
You may need some practice at first, but once you get going you will just love this easy to use cake decorating tool!
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